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Videoplayer fault or installation issues

Nov 12, 2008 at 1:52 PM

Im having a look at the videoplayer webpart and have tried installing it.
I download the webparts - installt it - makes a wsp package and deploys that package. Then I add the webparts to the webpart gallery and apply the videoplayerwebpart in the page.

Unfortunatly I got hold of a wmv file that was "bad". I dont know if it was the codec the file was made with or it was just a tiny littlebit corrupted when i downloaded the file, but the player showed me an error every time when the page loaded.

Silverlight Error Message
ErrorCode : 2202
ErrorType : RuntimeError
Methodname : PlayPauseButton_show

Since I had played the wmv file in windows media player before I did not suspekt that the wmvfile was the cause to this error - but it was !!
For all of you who experience the same : try finding another file and upload it to the document libray and delete the faulty one.

In the search for a solution i tried uninstalling silverlight and install it again. That didn't help.
Im Running a the development environment as a Virtual Pc Image runneing server 2003, moss 2007 enterprise edition, Visual Studion 2005 and Visual studio 2008.

Does anyone know if the error i got was due the file which I claim was faulty or not supported or that there could be an issue with the development environment.
Nov 18, 2008 at 1:45 PM

The problem could be in wmv-file, the wmv-files must be encoded with Expression Media Encoder 2. This is because Silverlight supports only limited number of codecs.

The error message is bit strange, I'll test the web part with video files encoded with different codecs more...